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Your Guide to the Greatest Arborist Gear & Equipment

Arborlink stocks an extensive range of rigging gear and arborist equipment to make your job safer and easier. Here’s a guide to some of our best and most essential pieces of equipment you need to get started:


A climbing harness is a staple piece of climbing equipment for the tree service industry. For your safety, we highly recommend that you use a harness that is specifically designed for tree work, as opposed to rock-climbing. You’ll need a work positioning harness that is light, durable, secure, comfortable, and offers good back support.

Arborlink stocks a wide range of harnesses designed to suit a number of jobs, conditions and arborist needs. 

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Buckingham Ergolite:

Buckingham Ergolite

As the latest addition to the Buckingham Ergovation range, the Ergolite harness features heavy-duty materials, suspension bridge options, stainless steel clevises, a front buckle closure, a lightweight and breathable waist belt, and quick-adjust strapping for the ultimate in comfort and ease-of-use.

Buckingham Liberty:

Buckingham Liberty Harness

One of our most popular sellers, the Buckingham Liberty harness is loaded with features and functionality for increased comfort. It has a Drilex liner that wicks moisture away from the body, a batten seat for superior support, and a replaceable bridge with aluminium ‘O’ ring for improved lateral movement. 


The ropes at Arborlink are specifically designed for arborist work and are approved by their manufacturers. For most tree work, you will need two types of rope: a climbing rope and rigging rope.

A climbing rope is your lifeline; this is the rope that secures you to the saddle and to the tree as you climb up and down. Meanwhile, a rigging rope is used to lower heavy objects, such as cut tree limbs. Each rope should only ever be used for its intended purpose.

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Samson ½-inch Blue Streak (Climbing Rope):
Samson ½-inch Blue Streak (Climbing Rope)

Popular with champion climbers and professionals alike, the Samson Blue Streak climbing rope offers high visibility, excellent knot-heat resistance, and optimal sizing for easy grip. Arborlink sells its ropes by the metre. Your climbing rope will typically need to be double the height of the tree, but this can vary with different climbing techniques.


Samson Stable Braid 9/16-inch (Work/Rigging Rope):

Samson Stable Braid 9/16-inch (Work/Rigging Rope)

With high strength, low stretch, and a tough polyester weave, Samson Stable braid ropes are made for demanding rigging situations. The coloured polyurethane ‘Samthane’ coating improves visibility, strengthens UV resistance, and enhances snag and abrasion resistance. 


The prusik is a friction hitch cord that allows you to adjust your position on the climbing rope and effectively ascend or descend the tree. The friction caused when descending can cause a lot of concentrated heat, so a heat-resistant prusik is ideal.

Arborlink stocks hitch cords sold by the metre and prusiks with eye terminations.

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Teufelberger 8mm Ocean Polyester Hitch Line:
Teufelberger 8mm Ocean Polyester Hitch Line

Sold by the metre, the Ocean Polyester prusik cord has a tensile strength of 2270kg. This hitch line is great value for money, offering superior grip and a long service life. It is constructed from a polyester/aramid cover and a polyester cord, making it resistant to heat and abrasion.


Yale 8mm Bee Line Eye to Eye Prusik:

Yale 8mm Bee Line Eye to Eye Prusik

Available in 24-inch and 30-inch eye-to-eye lengths, the Yale Bee Line is long-lasting and high-performing. It has one of the highest heat resistant covers available, with a technora/polyester cover braid and a vectran cord. The maxijacket coating also helps to create improved wear resistance.

Climbing Spikes

Climbing spikes (also known as climbers, arborist spurs or arborist spikes) are a fundamental addition to your arborist equipment. They are used to position yourself on a tree where are no limbs or natural foot-holds. A small pointed gaff punctures the bark and sinks into the sapwood so the climber can ‘walk’ up the trunk of the tree. For this reason, spikes should only be used for tree removal and not pruning, as the punctures will damage the tree’s cambium layer.

Aluminium options are ideal for those interested in weight management, whilst steel climbers are a more heavy-duty alternative.

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Buckingham Aluminium Short Gaff Climbers:
Buckingham Aluminium Short Gaff Climbers

Our Buckingham Aluminium Short Gaff Climbers are the most durable aluminium climbers available. They offer lightweight comfort whilst also being strong for total confidence while climbing. Sold in pairs, these climbers come with quick-fit velcro foot straps.


Yale 8mm Bee Line Eye to Eye Prusik:

Yale 8mm Bee Line Eye to Eye Prusik

Buckingham Steel Climbers with short gaff configuration are forged from high-strength grades of steel. These undergo rigorous testing during the manufacturing process, so you know you’re getting a durable, affordable, and high-quality product.


Carabiner’s are a vital part of any climber’s kit. Any carabiner used for life support must be double-locking or triple-locking. We recommended that carabiners used for rigging also be double-locking. 

Most arborists will typically use alloy carabiners for climbers and steel carabiners for rigging work.

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DMM Shadow Locksafe (alloy):
DMM Shadow Locksafe (alloy)

DMM Shadow carabiners are made from hot-forged and heat-treated aluminium for maximum strength and lightness. This 3-pack has been colour-coded (red, blue and green) for easy identification, even in poor light. The Locksafe system provides ultimate security due to its triple-action accidental opening prevention. 


DMM Boa Locksafe (steel):

DMM Boa Locksafe (steel)

Made from cold forged and fully heat-treated carbon steel, the DMM Triple Locking Steel Boa Carabiner offers maximum strength and durability for all of your rigging situations. The gate is opened by pulling the sleep toward the hinge and then twisting it.

Helmets & PPE

Personal protective equipment is essential for all arborist work. If a branch falls or you bump your head, the right headgear will minimise injuries and give you extra confidence while climbing. 

Make sure your helmet is well-fitted for proper protection, and to avoid it falling in your eyes while you’re working. Arborlink’s range of helmets are designed to stay put, and offer a wide range of essential safety features.

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Petzl Hi-Viz Vertex Vent Helmet:
Petzl Hi-Viz Vertex Vent Helmet

This versatile helmet is designed with headlamp, face shield and hearing protection attachment in mind. The easy-to-use adjustment wheel allows you to adjust the headband and keep it centred on your head. The ventilation shutters can also be adjusted to allow air to circulate in the helmet when needed. Available in high visibility yellow.


Pacific R5K Helmet with Brim:

Pacific R5K Helmet with Brim

One of our best sellers, the Pacific R5K Helmet incorporates a six-point harness, 3-point chin strap and a thumbwheel size adjuster for improved stability and protection. The shell has been scalloped to allow correct fitting of ear muffs, and is finished with a hi-gloss, UV-resistant paint. This helmet also offers the extra protection of a neck protector brim.

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