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DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley Green



The Hitch Climber Eccentric is an evolution of the classic Triple Attachment Pulley that became widely known as the “Hitch Climber”. The design improvements are the result of over a decade of Hitch Climber design and manufacturing expertise, together with feedback from climbers.

The new geometry offers greater efficiency combined with a striking aesthetic. The “Pushing Plates” will advance your friction hitch earlier and the optimised fairlead flairs direct rope towards the sheave when tending slack.


New pushing plates advance friction hitches earlier and more efficiently

Optimised fairlead flairs

Three-hole rig plate facilitates a wide range of positioning systems and neatly organises connectors

Hot forged and CNC machines aluminium side plates

Large diameter high stiffness stainless steel axle assembly

Large sheave with efficient roller bearing

Corrosion resistant and tamper proof assembly



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