Petzl Sequoia Swing


Arborist seat harness with integrated adjustable seat Extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt offers exceptional support and ventilation Integrated seat with independent leg loops provides mobility and freedom of movement Seat width is adjustable to reduce bulk and facilitate movement within the tree Easy to don with FAST buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops Attachment bridge provides lateral mobility Attachment bridge is attached to the waistbelt and to the leg loops by two gated rings in order to: - adjust the weight distribution between the waistbelt and the leg loops - adapt the length of the attachment bridge or install two attachment bridges - attach the RING S or the SWIVEL directly to the attachment bridge The two lateral attachment points transfer the weight evenly around the waistbelt for comfort when leaning back in the belt (with support for the feet) Five equipment loops with protective sheaths Two rings for attaching a hand saw Slots for CARITOOL tool holder Available in two sizes: - size 1: waistbelt: 70 - 100 cm, leg loops: 50 - 65 cm, weight: 2380 g - size 2: waistbelt: 85 - 120 cm, leg loops: 60 - 75 cm, weight: 2420
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